No events are too big or too small for our AV Rental team. For us, your event is the most important one because we know it is most important to you.

Many events have standard AV Rental requirements, but we are happy to offer customized solutions for whatever you are planning. We have a full range of professional quality AV Rental equipment to deliver the technology you need.

Events of all types


Event Types - Award Ceremonies
Receiving an award is a highlight for anyone. As the planner of an award ceremony, you want to make this event special. Let us help you recognize your recipients with a professional looking event that hits all the right marks with you and your guests.

Videos and Power Points are frequently a part of these events and Westminster Technologies can easily handle either. We have a variety of Event Packages designed to help you easily choose which AV Rental technology is best for your event, but we can also customize any set for your specific requirements.

We have also been asked by groups to provide video production services, including editing a video to be shown at your event, or shooting video of the event to be edited and shared with attendees at a later date.

Events - Award CeremoniesIf there are invited guests who are unable to attend, another option is to have us webcast your event. Now, everyone can join in the celebration of awards no matter where they are. Westminster Technologies will come out in advance to test the Internet connections and make sure the streaming is as good as being there.

Larger events may need cameras shooting live video which is projected to screens on a stage so all attendees have a good view. Westminster Technologies has you covered for your Award Ceremony. Just let us know what would make it perfect for you and let us do the rest.

Events - Banquet and Awards Ceremony

This event looks fantastic because of Westminster. We could not put this event together and make it look as clean and professional without you. I’ve worked with a lot of AV companies in Northeast Ohio. I’m so impressed and so happy with everything you’ve done. You’re always one step ahead of everything that needs to be done. Hands down, I would definitely recommend you.

– Jennifer Highfield
Director of Advancement for The West Side Catholic Center


Events - Business Meeting
Some of the most important information that needs to be relayed to employees comes at business meetings. A company’s future is likely to be discussed. Let us help keep the focus on the information being exchanged.

Events - Business MeetingsPower Points are almost always a part of events like this. Westminster Technologies can make sure that these images are seen and the voice accompanying them is heard. Projectors, screens, microphones and speakers are staples in a business meeting – but in this age of connectivity, there can be more.

Webcasting a business meeting is becoming more and more common. Groups with offices in multiple locations can easily link up so that everyone receives the same message. Westminster Technologies can help make that happen with our AV Rental equipment.


Events - Graduations
The highlight of a school year is the celebration of the achievements of its students at the end of each year. School memories will last a lifetime, and we want to make sure the recognition of all those memories is a true highlight.

Events - GraduationWebcasting a graduation is one of the best ideas a school can use, because not everyone who wants to attend is able. Now grandparents, other family members and friends can share in this special event. Our AV Rental Team has what it takes to place your event on an even bigger stage.

Capturing each student’s moment on stage as they receive their diploma is another way a school can enhance a ceremony and make those moments last. Our video production services can shoot an entire ceremony and then edit it onto a DVD so it can be shared with everyone involved.


Events - Personal Events
Retirements, Anniversaries, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are just some of the personal events our AV Rental Team has supported. These special occasions can be easily enhanced with our help.

Whatever the celebration is, more and more people are creating their own videos or power-point slide shows to commemorate the event. We can help show these with our professional quality video and sound equipment.

If your event has a specific theme and color pattern to match, we offer “Uplighting” to add that special look and make your personal event – even more personal.

Events: Personal Events

Bike Cleveland hosted Share Your Draft, our first ever benefit. Being our first benefit we wanted to host a professional event but did not know quite where to begin. That is when the professional staff at Westminster Technologies, LLC stepped in to provide their expertise to serve our audio visual needs and to help enhance the experience of participants.

The level of class Westminster Technologies brought to the event was priceless. Their staff handled everything from developing a site plan, working with the local hall where the event was held, setting the mood in the room through special lighting and handling all audio needs. Their staff was professional, hard working and without a doubt met all the needs of the event to make sure it went off seamlessly. We even threw a few curve balls at the last minute by adding a live musician, and the staff worked it into the audio visual plan without any question. Thanks to the hardworking staff of Westminster Technologies for making Bike Cleveland’s first fundraiser a true high-class event.

– Jacob VanSickle
Executive Director for Bike Cleveland


Events - Product Launches
As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that is hugely important when launching a product. You need all eyes on your new item – for all the right reasons. Let our AV Rental Team help take away some of the tension that comes with introducing something new.

Events - Product LaunchesA video or power-point is a likely part of a product launch event to help get people up-to-speed on your new item. Our high-definition monitors can properly showcase the features you want to promote first.

Branding is a major part of a product launch. We can reinforce your brand with “Uplighting” of the product color and uniquely show off the logo with a Gobo light projecting it anywhere in the room. Let us help make that first impression of your product a memorable one!

Trade Shows &

Events - Trade Shows & Conferences
Whether its an exhibit space or a demonstration area, our AV Rental Team has staging and lighting to put the spotlight on you and your products or business.

Events - Trade Shows and ConferencesGuide attendees through a power-point or video about your services with a screen and projector, or a high-definition monitor. Westminster Technologies can help set your business apart from the rest.

Truss lighting can draw attention to a specific area of your display where you want attendees to see your product so you can talk with them about it. We will do what it takes to make you and your products or business the talk of the show or conference.

Events: Trade Shows and Conferences

I received many compliments from the I-X Center, presenters and companies that Westminster Technologies was in contact with. I will certainly use your company in the future and recommend you to others.

– Rosanna Hrabnicky
Marketplace Events
Show Manager for The Great Big Home & Garden Expo


Events - Webcasts
There is no easier or better way to connect people to any type of event than via a webcast. Such a connection has several advantages, including:

  • Everyone gets the intended information at the same time
  • Everyone receives the same message – nothing gets lost in translation
  • Connections can be made to multiple sites, no matter the location
  • Having one event saves time and money

The Westminster AV Rental Team can get your webcast set up quickly and easily. Let us know your parameters and we will get you connected.


The Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce is extremely fortunate to work so closely with Westminister Technologies. With their help and guidance, our events and luncheons have grown to a whole new level. Our annual State of the Communities address, featuring six mayors of the Cuyahoga Valley region, now is one of the premier networking presentations in this area. The dramatic lighting, large screens, platform, and skirting is quite impressive. It’s rewarding to see our members and guests enter the room at the Holiday Inn and see their eyes light up! It’s amazing how services that Westminister Technologies provides can really elevate a company or organization’s image as well as effectiveness in their presentations. I can say the same for so many other of our events, like the Annual Impact Awards and State of the Schools luncheon.

I would highly recommend Westminister Technologies to anyone looking for a first-class, professional, and creative technology and event coordination team to assist with their important events.

– Charlene Paparizos
President of the Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce and President of CMP Communications


Events - Weddings
One of the most important days of your life is the day you say, “I do.” We can help take some of the stress away from the event with unique approaches to your ceremony or reception.

Events - WeddingsMany couples like to show pictures or videos of their time together leading up to this special event. Our AV Rental Team can help make sure it is one of the many highlights of the day with the proper presentation set up.

Most weddings have color schemes and you can add that color with “Uplighting” at your reception. A special addition could be a “Gobo Light” with the names of the bride and groom.

There are so many ways we can help make this special day even more extraordinary. Weddings are unique to the people involved, so let us know what you are hoping and expecting. We can make it happen.

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