Simple Setup

For events that only require a simple setup such as a projector and screen, microphone and speakers, etc. here is a list of many of the items and services we provide “ala carte”. You get access to the newest, cutting-edge AV Rental equipments and more than 50 years of experience in event management. Whatever your needs, when you receive applause and recognition for a memorable, flawless event, our job is done. You will have an event to remember, and it will be coordinated within budget and with no worries. Our process makes you look good.

Which Simple Setup is right for you?


Simple Setup: Microphone

We have a variety of microphones to choose from. Wireless and wired microphones are available, as are hand-held and lapel microphones. We have several different stands for you to choose from as well.

Simple Setup: Speakers

Speakers are usually placed on a tripod and we have many speaker wattages so that the speakers suit your layout correctly.

Simple Setup: Mixing Board

Our AV Rental mixing boards can handle just about anything you need to use in your presentation, whether its playback from an MP3 player, output from a laptop, or something else – our systems will work for you.


Simple Setup: Customized Gobo Lighting

Custom Gobo Lighting

Simple Setup: Uplighting


Lighting can help control where the attention of your audience goes – or create a mood at an event. We provide spotlights, uplighting, and customized Gobo lights for events. Our AV Rental inventory also includes a range of lighting dimmer boards and truss so we can control when lights are on and off and how bright they are.


Podiums are frequently needed at speaking events and we have options for you to choose from. We also have skirted AV Rental carts so your presentations can be positioned where you want, and without unsightly cables showing.

Simple Setup: Laptop
Simple Setup: Wireless Mouse

Laptops, wireless mice and laser pointers are also available. If a less technological approach is needed, we have flip charts on easels and dry-erase whiteboards with markers available.

Screens & Monitors

Simple Setup: Monitor
Simple Setup: Projector

There are two choices to make when choosing how to show a visual presentation. Our AV Rental Team can handle either. Do you want to use a projector and screen for a power-point? Do you want to show a video from a DVD on a high definition monitor? We have many different sizes of either available. For bigger rooms we suggest a large screen and projector – possibly more than one. In a more intimate setting, a monitor on a stand is a good solution.


Simple Setup: Staging

When giving a presentation to a large group, it is helpful to have the presenter on a riser. Our AV Rental Team can provide risers and stairs to go at the front of the room. Lighting truss can also be put up to bring attention to the presenter.

P2P Conferencing

Simple Setup: Video and Web Conferencing

For groups that hold meetings at a central location, but need satellite offices to see them, our AV Rental staff provides videoconferencing options or webcasting services. The choice depends on what interaction will be required from the remote locations. We can walk you through this choice to make sure everyone involved in the meeting can interact as you would like.

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